In the numerous projects that Metamar has undertaken worldwide, we have consistently delivered exceptional results. By leveraging our extensive network, we source directly from stone hubs and quarries, ensuring a reliable supply chain. When required, we collaborate with local fabrication experts and trusted manufacturers who align with Metamar's rigorous quality standards. This collaborative approach allows us to offer a wide range of finishes, textures, and customized furniture solutions.
   Metamar takes charge of supervision, scheduling, and project management through our dedicated team, ensuring seamless execution. We proudly extend our services to construction and design projects across the globe, consistently delivering quality and excellence.
   The following images exemplify the diverse range of projects seamlessly executed by Metamar. From exquisite stone-clad furniture to crafted cabinets and book-matched drawer design and vanity.

PERIOD: 2019-2022
AREA: 10.473 m² (112.730 sf)
LOCATION: Beverly Hills / CA

Azul de Nordic
White Quartzite
Arabescato Arabico
Taj Mahal
Ciello Quartzite
Chipolino Ondulato