Quarries and Blocks

As an established company in Turkey, we own and operate multiple natural stone quarries throughout Turkey. Operating our own quarries give us a distinct advantage for reliable and long term supply. It is a key consideration for both successful completion of time critical projects and long term relationships with our business partners worldwide.

In addition to supplying our clients with final products, we also provide large volume raw materials to leading manufacturers in the world. For more information about buying blocks, please contact our Block & Raw Material Sales department.

The Tundra Group of Quarries

The Nordic Group of Quarries

The Limestone Group of Quarries

Bianco Crema, Papillon and Kalahari Beige Marble Quarries

Gold and Kona Brown Travertine as well as Amber Onyx Group of Quarries

Bianco Neve Marble Group of Quarries

Anthracite Gold and Mount Grey Marble Group of Quarries

Sakura and Rouge Sapphire Marble Group of Quarries