About Our Founder

     Our founder Hasan Tığlı was born in Egirdir a lake town. After completing his degree in City Planning and Architecture Faculty, he started exporting crayfish from his hometown to France. Over the years, he continued exporting various industrial products. During these times, one of the products he exported was marble to Japan which caused him to fall in love with natural stones, and led him found Meta Marble Seattle, WA in 1989. Then, he returned home and decided to put his knowledge and experience into use and founded Metamar’s manufacturing factory in his beloved hometown, creating many jobs for the city. He contributed to the city’s new industrial vision.

     With a steady growth in the following years, Metamar has become a state of the art production facility where a wide range of natural stone is produced and blocks from various local and global quarries are brought in. In 1996, Metamar became a pioneer in natural stone industry by producing large amounts of filled travertine in Turkey. In 2005, Metamar was the first company to mine the Tundra Grey stone in the quarries. Giving the stone its name as the “Tundra”, introducing the well-known grey stone to the world. Around the same time, Metamar also introduced Bianco Dolomiti to the natural stone industry.

     Today with the same passion, tenacity and enthusiasm which Mr. Tığlı started his company, Metamar continues to mine raw material-blocks and produce a variety of expertly crafted natural stones in Turkey, exporting them all around the world. We value team work, respect for each member and creativity.

Our founder, Mr. Hasan Tigli at our limestone quarry

Indianapolis Temple, one of our renowned projects, got awarded "the Best Commercial Project of the Year" award at Coverings Expo in 2016.

Discussing a new project with our clients

Enjoying and evaluating the project mock-up installed on the wall

Having tea after long hours of hard work on the new project with our clients

Hiking on the search for the next best quarry

With our quarry team, excited about the prospects of our new quarry

Having a rest in the hot summer days

Our founder, management and staff at our early years