Grey Velvet Tile

Grey Velvet is a grey marble with shades and transitions. The interplay of white veining and shades of grey is both intimate and expressive. Its high slip and abrasion resistance makes it a durable and long lasting choice. Grey Velvet is the trending choice of architects, who would like to tap the untapped. Like its sister Tundra Grey, it comes in all size formats, and is suitable for most interior and exterior applications.

Standard Production Sizes

12''x12'', 12''x24'', 16''x16'', 16''x32'', 18''x18'', 18''x36'', 24''x24'', 24''x48'',

All small format tiles are available. Please check Small Format Tile collection.

Special order sizes are available upon request. Please inquire about non-standard thickness.

Various finishings and textures are applicable depending on the size and shape. Please inquire for more information.